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What We Do

We are all getting older; why not make the process more enjoyable?

With our programs, members report significantly increasing their activity levels, healthy eating habits, social interactions, and that they have opportunities to give back in meaningful ways.

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Aging Mastery Program

Stay in Control of Your Life and Well-Being

A fun and engaging course that covers 10 healthy aging topics, such as exercise, nutrition, finances, advance care planning, community engagement, and healthy relationships.

Offered online and over the phone.

Companion Calls

Hearing a Friendly Voice Can Make All the Difference

Volunteers contact an older adult each week to provide a friendly conversation via the telephone.

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Chronic Disease Self Management

ALSO AVAILABLE: Diabetes Self Management

Classes teach skills useful for managing a variety of chronic health conditions.

Offered online and over the phone.

Walk With Ease

Better Health One Step at a Time

Combines self-paced walks with information about health-related topics to help improve strength and balance.

Offered online and over the phone.