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For more than five decades, Sixty and Better has provided a place for older adults to have fun, be well, and stay connected.


What We Do

With our programs, members report significantly increasing their activity levels, healthy eating habits, social interactions, and that they have opportunities to contribute to their community in meaningful ways.

Aging Mastery Program
Chronic Disease Self Management
Sixty and Better Companion Calls
Walk With Ease
Aging Mastery Program

Online or
Over the Phone

Aging Mastery Program

Small Steps to Stay in Control of Your Life and Well-Being

A fun and engaging course that covers 10 healthy aging topics, such as exercise, nutrition, finances, advance care planning, community engagement, and healthy relationships.

Chronic Disease Self Management

Online or
Over the Phone

HealthForMe Chronic Disease
Self Management

Also Available: Diabetes Self Management

Classes teach skills useful for managing a variety of chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and others.

Companion Calls

Over the Phone

Companion Calls

Hearing a Friendly Voice Can Make All the Difference

Volunteers contact an older adult each week to provide a friendly conversation via the telephone.

Walk With Ease

Online or
Over the Phone

Walk With Ease

Better Health One Step at a Time

Combines self-paced walks with information about health-related topics to help improve strength and balance.


"I love hearing from Melvina each week. It means a lot that some is thinking of us. We may be seniors, but we're still important!"

“It’s nice to be able to talk to a friend regularly. J.J. calls me at least once a week to keep me up to date on things going on in the community.”

"I love hearing Ruby's voice. I miss getting to see everyone, but Ruby gives me updates on our friends. It's nice hearing a friendly voice."

Helpful Volunteers
Volunteers stay six feet apart
Companion Calls
Arlington Adult Day Health Care Center
Virtual Wellness Class
A Matter of Balance Class
Hispanic Heritage Month Dance
Volunteers at Forest Hill Senior Citizen Center
The Steppin' Grannies of Fellowship Corner
Alcon Volunteers
A Matter of Balance graduates

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