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Celebrate with Sixty and Better!

2020 Annual Report to the Community and Breakfast Meeting

Thursday, January 30, 2020

7:30 AM – 9:00 AM

First Presbyterian Church - Great Hall
1000 Penn Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102

Contact us at or call (817) 413-4949 x205

Please join Sixty and Better as we celebrate the achievements and milestones of 2019, and honor our community partners, foundations, and donors for their generous support of our mission to empower older adults to live with purpose, independence, and dignity.


Older Adults

Learn more about Sixty and Better, as well as ways to get involved and contribute to our mission.

Activity Centers

Connect with Friends Your Age

In neighborhood Activity Centers across Tarrant County, we provide a variety of social activities with others aged 60+, including hobbies and games, crafts and fellowship, special events, and much more. Come alone or bring a friend!

Weekday Meals

Shared Meals with Your Friends

With a goal of reducing isolation and hunger, we provide a safe place for older adults to meet for friendship and a nutritious meal at our Activity Centers.

Wellness Classes

Stay Active and In Control of Your Life

Proven to improve the physical and mental well-being of older adults, throughout the year we offer three wellness workshops at locations across Tarrant County at no cost to you. Download the class schedule for A Matter of Balance falls prevention and Chronic Disease Self-Management workshops below.

Volunteer with Us

No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted

We connect older adults to meaningful community service opportunities, giving you a renewed sense of purpose. We also connect corporate and group volunteers to opportunities at our Activity Centers.

Make a Gift

Any Level of Support Helps

We rely on the generosity of caring individuals and community partners in order to provide vital programming and critical services to Tarrant County's older adults.

Keep in Touch

Stay Connected with Us

For the latest information on Sixty and Better, as well as pictures from our events and classes, visit our Facebook page.

Contract Opportunities

Committed to Quality

If you're a transit provider, help older adults gain access to our services and programs through our Transportation Program. Download the vendor agreement and apply to become a contractor today. Sixty and Better is an equal opportunity employer.


Where Healthy Aging Begins!

Outside your home and within your community, 
Sixty and Better provides a place for purpose.

For more than five decades, Sixty and Better has provided a place for older adults to have fun, be well, and stay connected. 

With our signature programs, participants report significantly increasing their activity levels, healthy eating habits, social interactions, and that they have opportunities to contribute to their community in meaningful ways.


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