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Aging Mastery Program

The Aging Mastery Program provides a comprehensive and fun approach to positive aging by focusing on key aspects of health, finances, relationships, personal growth, and community involvement. Central to the Aging Mastery philosophy is the belief that modest lifestyle changes can produce big results.

The AMP core curriculum covers 10 topics. The classroom experience is a mix of didactic and interactive learning with an emphasis on peer-to-peer interaction. 

Mastery comes from turning these lifestyle changes into habits that lead to improved health, stronger economic security, enhanced well-being, and increased societal participation.


Results have shown that program participants significantly increased their:

·        Social connectedness

·        Physical activity levels

·        Healthy eating habits

·        Use of advanced planning

·        Participation in evidence-based programs

·        Adoption of several other healthy behaviors

The Aging Mastery Program was developed by the National Council on Aging and is currently being offered at TCC Trinity River Campus. For more information, visit the TCC Senior Education Program website.

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