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Sixty and Better is
Where Healthy Aging Begins!

For more than five decades, Sixty and Better has provided a place for older adults to have fun, be well, and stay connected. 


What We Do

Outside your home and within the community, 
Sixty and Better provides a place for purpose. 


Activity Centers

Connect with Friends Your Age

In neighborhood Activity Centers across Tarrant County, we provide a variety of social activities with others aged 60+, including hobbies and games, crafts and fellowship, special events, and much more. Come alone or bring a friend!

Weekday Meals

Shared Meals with Your Friends

With a goal of reducing isolation and hunger, we provide a safe place for older adults to meet for friendship and a nutritious meal at our Activity Centers.

Arlington Adult Day Center

With our signature programs, participants report significantly increasing their activity levels, healthy eating habits, social interactions, and that they have opportunities to contribute to their community in meaningful ways.


Our Projects

Collaborative & Innovative

Community Development

Through our Community Development, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community. This is one of our key areas of focus here at Sixty and Better, Inc., and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this program.

Support Services

Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them. We evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to measure shifts and changes from our baseline measurements.