Each week, volunteers contact an older adult to provide a friendly conversation via the telephone. Regular conversation with a phone companion gives members someone to talk to about opinions, thoughts, and share life experiences.

During the pandemic, now more than ever hearing a friendly voice can make all the difference.

Sixty and Better Companion Calls

"I love hearing from Melvina each week. It means a lot that some is thinking of us. We may be seniors, but we're still important!"



“It’s nice to be able to talk to a friend regularly. J.J. calls me at least once a week to keep me up to date on things going on in the community.”



"I love hearing Ruby's voice. I miss getting to see everyone, but Ruby gives me updates on our friends. It's nice hearing a friendly voice."



Provided at NO cost to older adults 60+

The need for comfort, love, support, and just a laugh is not something that diminishes as we grow older. In fact, a healthy social life is particularly important for older adults.


About the Program

Healthy relationships are necessary at every age, but the importance of socialization for older adults cannot be overemphasized. Consistent social interactions help keep people mentally, physically, and emotionally fit.

Volunteers contact an older adult each week to provide a friendly conversation via the telephone. Genuine friendships and connections can be formed between phone companions.

Companion Call Volunteer


Positive social interactions on a consistent basis help keep seniors stimulated, mentally sharp, and intellectually engaged, in addition to:

  • Reduced stress

  • Increased longevity 

  • Increased fitness level

  • Reduced risk of depression

  • Less anxiety

  • Greater self-esteem

Companion Call Volunteer